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Democrat candidate in a red or purple district? Issues and message matter! For strategies to win your race, message me.

We are a political consulting firm specializing in highly contested races & candidates new to running for office. If you are in a highly contested race, you will need different strategies to win a General Election. Are you committed to running? Or winning?

With elections coming up in less than 5 months, the way things are going, Democrats will probably continue to win most races in cities where Democrats traditionally win. And they will continue to lose those races in heavily Republican areas. But, what is going to happen in those races where there is little competitive advantage? 

It is these races that Democrats have been losing for decades. 

I believe there are a number of reasons for this. 

Democrats are fighting the wrong battles. The working class wants good paying jobs, healthcare, education, a clean environment and a chance to be safe and thrive. They believe Democrats are fighting for other demographic groups and abandoned the people that have been the backbone of the party. If Democrats continue this strategy, they will lose more of the working class. And more elections. And run the risk of becoming a fringe party. 

Running a campaign against President Trump, because he is President Trump, is not the way to win electoral campaigns.

I have additional reasons that cause Democrats to harm their own chances. 

1. They do not know how to message properly.

2. They have not created a grand strategy that gives people hope and a future they want to vote for.

3. They have not figured out how to fight Republicans. Democrats believe if they shame Republicans, they will stop their poor political behavior. They won’t. As a result, Democrats don’t know what to do. They believe they have superior morals. That and a subway token…wait, they don’t use tokens anymore. Conservatives and moderates laugh at what the top Democratic strategists are doing. Their strategies won’t work any longer. 

These issues are all fixable. But, to date, they seem to believe their strategies are sufficient. They have not discovered or learned the lessons about why they lost the last election. Or all the seats in Congress and Governorships and state legislative seats over that last few decades. Or the impact of losing the power to nominate and elect judges.

If you are done with politics as usual and thinking of running for office so that you can make a real difference, I ask you to consider having a conversation with me to explore how I might support you in your quest. By working together we can determine strategies that will make you a more effective candidate. 

If you are a candidate in a highly contested race and have won your Primary, you will need different strategies to win a General Election. Traditional Democratic strategies will not work. Are you committed to running? Or winning? 

Steve Nathan
Strategic Campaigns

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If you’re asking yourself these questions, you have something important to accomplish. Whether you are running for office or have an issue that you are passionate about and want to promote, there are different ways to be successful. Don’t think you can use the same tactics that used to work. We live in a new political world. Messaging that is consistent with your brand is so important. This includes not only content, but also who you send your message to and when. 

Our consultants and our proprietary survey results make sure you are being effective with your messaging and marketing materials. 

What Makes Us Different?

This past election has created millions of unhappy people on both sides of the aisle. It has also created millions of new activists. Along with opportunities to change how the world works as it is truly changing!

Strategic Campaigns works with Democratic and independent candidates, specializing in those new to running for office. We are very selective in candidates we choose to work with. 

Our mission is not only to win campaigns, but also support those candidates willing to change politics as usual and make the world a better place.

We have a different vision for how to move our country forward. We believe that first and foremost we must protect the planet and its people. There is no “Planet B”. Regardless of your party affiliation, we must work to stop the poisoning of the planet and its inhabitants. 

If this sounds like a way for you to make a difference, please call us. We will work with you to create a brand for yourself and use issues you care about to distinguish yourself from others, so you can be the difference you want to be in the world.


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